extract vbios from image

can some one please extract the nVidia(860M) bios rom from the attracted image
I need it to repair failed flash and ASUS will not provide a video bios .rom
thanks in advanced


don’t heckle me this isn’t my machine I already yelled at the guy for not making a backup of the video bios -.-
machine boots and works just need to restore the video bios

G751JMAS.zip (2.32 MB)

@ Legitsu:

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Your attached BIOS just contains an Intel VGA ROM (vBIOS), but not a NVIDIA one.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Use NVFlash, your laptop has an MXM card:

AMD and Nvidia GOP update (No requests, DIY) (7)

if it is not mxm can’t we extract the bios from graphic card ?

The opposite, MXM have onboard vbios. Embedded store it at SPI. MXM only with NVFlash, SPI via BIOS.

the problem is he trashed his vbios and didn’t make a backup I can’t seem to located a bios for the card the one I did find just made it worse and it would’t even show in device manger so I reverted it
currently the laptop boots but device manger is showing a “an acpi power object failed to transition state” error on the pci-e controller which I assume means that bios he flashed has a incorrect pci block identifier
thread on tpu:
currently waiting for him to post the image he attempted to mod to see if I can undo whatever damage he did to it
else hes gonna need to order a new mxm card and extract the bios from that one
the asus change log stated it updated the intel and NV bios so I was hoping there was a usable image tucked away inside the rom
O well thank you for you time