F23 (hp15-cx0514na) update bricked laptop

Hello guys, have a big problem. Updated laptop bios to version F23 (hp15-cx0514na) and its after update restarts and looks all good. I shut down it and then try to start again and its not boot anymore. Caps lock is flashing 5long.3short which indicates that BIOS is corupted. I have EEProm programer CH431A and downloaded bios from HP the old one which was working before i done update. Flashed to the Bios chip but still no luck . It is 2 bin files 08477.bin 8 mb and 08478.bin 16mb.I checked the old faulty bios (saved from bios before erase it) is 16MB .So i have used 16MB bin file .Checked and Verified all data match on bios chip. Trying to boot still same .Caps lock blinking.Maybe i missed something .Who can help me to sort this out .Will pay for it guys.Its customer laptop and i need it done ASAP.

Please help !!!

Did you try resetting the CMOS data?

I done all what is possible.The thing is that mobo dont have any battery on it .I disconnect all bits , keep pressing and holding the button. Nothing.

Update :
Today i checked motherboard and found on other side another flash chip : 25Q20CT 2MB flash .I read it and save it just in case. After i saved its showing that bin file is 16Mb and tried to write back getting error that file is bigger than chip size.

I do not what to do. Main chip i flashed with 5 different versions of BIOS from HP website nothing happens. Now have new problem with this small chip .What to record where i can get this 2Mb file.