FA706IU where is my bios chip

hi all,

anyone can determine positionof my bios chip plz

thx all

is it the bios ?

I found out that the GigaDevice 25LB128 BIOS chip found on my Crosshair VI Extreme, and the similar 25LQ128 are NOT equivalent to the Windbond W25Q128 BIOS chips. The W25Q128 uses a VCC range from 2.7V to 3.6V. The 25LQ128 data sheet designates VCC=1.8V. Elmor did state that the AM4 boards use VCC=1.8V for the BIOS chips. So if you program the BIOS chip 25LB128 on an AMD board such as the C6E, you must use VCC=1.8V to avoid damaging the chip. Also program it with the board powered down.

Here is a chart from the GigaDevice product selection guide that shows the VCC input voltages for SPI chips. Note that “Q” denotes 3V while “LB” and “LQ” denote 1.8V

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My GQ4x4 SPI programmer supplies 5V, but they provide an adapter for reducing that VCC down to your choice of 1.8V or 2.4V.