Fastboot and Hardware Fastboot on NVME chips

hey friends !
today i was finally able to put clover aside and inject the NVME module into the bios in order to boot from samsung 960 evo and i’m really excited about that but my boot time sucks , it’s like 17 seconds and i’m guessing it’s because of turning off the hardware fastboot and fastboot in the bios , i did this because i read somewhere in the forum that I have to disable them , otherwise it could damage data on the NVME chip , is that true ?
if I want to have the absolute fastest boot time , what changes do you recommend inside the bios ? beside disabling CPU c state and PCIE power options , is there anything else you recommend ?
many thanks !


Where did you read that?
I think you mean the “fast startup” feature of Windows 8/8.1/10, is a totally different thing.

Windows Feature:
Programs and services are all closed, but the drivers and the kernel are hibernated.
The next boot is waking kernel and drivers from hibernation and starting all programs and services.

UEFI Feature:
Only the necessary hardware is initianlized (SATA/NVMe, RAM, CPU, GPU, sometimes USB and ethernet too),
so the BIOS time is lower and the OS initializes the rest.
If you enable this feature, you will not be able to enter the BIOS setup with a simple keypress.
You have to use a “reboot to UEFI” feature of your OS or an appropriate program that does this.
Windows 8/10: hold shift and click reboot, then you will find recovery options including reboot to UEFI.

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