Firmware updates through RAID, VROC and Optane acceleration.

I started playing around with Intel’s SSD toolbox and was surprised to see that it could see and update Optane SSDs in both RAID 0 and Optane acceleration mode.

The firmware updates worked and on reboot everything was exactly as it should be. (obviously I have backups but I didn’t need them).

I tried the same thing on my VROC array and the Optane drives were invisible to the toolbox. I was not surprised by this but it had me wondering.

Is there a different version of their firmware updating tools designed to work with VROC? I suspect not but I figured that I would ask anyway.

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yes there are for some but not by intel directly as in should look for manufacturer’s support files (maker)
and every little bit helps in terms of performance,right drivers,settings etc
please see relevant topics in this section

Coming back to inform anyone interested that since V1.6 Intel’s Memory and Storage Tool can update Optane firmware through VROC.