Fixing "parsebios: one of volumes inside overlaps the end of data" error

Hello all,
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i want to play a bit with that bios:
(cannot post the link , its current zotac CI327 bios :

but Uefitool gives me the error
“parsebios: one of volumes inside overlaps the end of data” and UBU tool fails too.

I’ve read it’s one of those buggy IFWI 2.0 images and i have to fix FvLength of the last volume.

I’m able to replace modules with mmtool but I’m in doubt if replaced modules will have the correct device ids and chekcksums so I prefer using UBU/Uefitool . Then I will export them and import in mmtool which seems to handle that bios well.

How to fix FvLength exactly to be able to use Uefitool ?

Many thanks

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The UEFITool detects such constructional BIOS defect (done by the mainboard BIOS developers) and gives a message about it, but usually there is nothing to worry about it, if the UEFITool gives the exactly same message for the original and the modded BIOS.
Don’t try to repair a BIOS, when the UEFITool gives a “bug” message after having opened the original BIOS!
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

thanks Dieter for your response!
I don’t want to flash a “repaired” version of this bios. But UBU cannot handle that bios ( I guess because UEFItool cannot parse it ) and I have to use a patched one for UBU. Then i will export updated “ready to use” modules and import with mmtool. UEFITool will still report a “defect” parsing the last one.