Flash locked Thinkpad X250 BIOS

Hello guys!
I have a question regarding a locked BIOS.
First, let me tell you the story.
I bought a X250 with a supervisor password, entered the wrong password 3 times and then the laptop got bricked. It gives me this error: 0199 system security - security password retry count exceeded

After a couple of hours of research I found out I can’t solve this so easy…
I think flashing a custom BIOS will make it work but I’m not sure, that’s why I created this thread.

So… can I make the laptop work again by flashing a BIOS with the password removed, or at least the password retry counter reseted?

I will provide a BIOS dump once I get my SPI Flasher, if this could be done.

Thank you!

I managed to create a dump from the BIOS chip. Read the chip and then verify. Here is the link.
If some one could please help me modify the file in order to at least reset the “incorrect password count” flag that tells the bios I’ve entered the wrong password too many times, that will be great. At least I can still use the laptop, even if it still has a Supervisor password.
If someone is kind enought to remove the supervisor password, that will be perfect. If it’s possible, of course.

Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qyqdnakn7fsvcs/bios1.zip?dl=0

Thank you!


In that model of Lenovo the admin passwords are not saved in bios chip, but in MEC1633L.
This is not easy to r/w.

@Marian97 >> “incorrect password count” can be changed to something that would help here, can’t remember and am not looking at BIOS now, but I think it’s "unlimited"
Please host that file somewhere else (not mega.NZ either) and can do the mod for you.

If that doesn’t help, the above and or this may be your only option (in line with the chip mentioned above, see method #3)

or pay $$