Flash ROM DELL 3020M Micro

Hi, this my first post here.

A little history; i bought a used cpu dell model 3020M (micro) and i receive it flashed with A20 bios for 3020 (Tower) i dont known how and for what but, this gave me some problems (missing ethernet with the bios info filled with “FF” and at power on showing multiple alerts or errors), first make bios backup with ftpw.exe (attached here) then i tried flash the correct bios with the app from dell and the computer rejected it because different model.

After I flash a (bad?) extracted bios.bin with ftpw.exe -f bios.bin (all seem was good without errors) reboot and not have video, then reset cmos, remove rtc battery and nothing, only black screen.

Now in short, I get this ch341a programer: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM…de-cdmx-ele-_JM but now i need your help @Lost_N_BIOS (for please) to extract the bios files from correct bios for flash with the programer.

The link for download bios is: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER05640884M/1/OptiPlex_3020M_A15.exe

Attach the backup bios.

Note: The eeprom chip is MX 25L6473E

Thanks for your help and excuse me for my bad english is not my native language.


backup_2.zip (3.23 MB)