Flashed wrong bios on b450-a pro max

Hi all, I just did something incredibly stupid. I used the MSI flash tool to flash my B450-A PRO MAX with a B450M-A PRO MAX bios.

Do I have any options to fix this? I tried clearing CMOS and flashing with the flash button and USB stick. It access the USB stick for a second or two, board restarts and LED flashes white 3 times and stay white solid. The other LED near the ATX 24PIN connector is solid white.

the bios chip is a MX25U25673GZ4I40 can these be programed with the cheap usb programmers and clip on ebay?

So my B450-A PRO MAX thinks its a B450M-A PRO MAX now. So it will only flash B450M-A PRO MAX bios. If only I could force the correct B450-A PRO MAX bios to flash.

Maybe. I assume it’s worth a try, other option would be buying/ soldering an already programmed chip.

Backup the old content before trying to write…

Thanks for the reply, also is it possible to program via SPI interface?

MX25U25673G, 1.8V, 256Mb, v1.1.pdf (macronix.com)
You mean JSPI1 header…

if so, look here:
MSI B450M-A PRO MAX winbond 25q256jweq | Peekaboo (pikabu.ru)

Theory: Upgrade 128Mbit (non-MAX sku) board to 256Mbit (MAX sku) board | MSI Global English Forum

EDIT: For SPI interface program?!?!?!?!?!?

Yes. If only I could change the checksum on the bios file so it accepts it I would be fine.