Flashing ASUS ROG STRIX B560-G bios to G15CE board

any one here has a link to G15CE bios version 205 ( the version out of the factory)? anyone? I want to roll back to the old version. I think asus put more restriction on the new bios.

@cal113 v205 can be found here https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/…FD00F189888CDB4

just downloaded the file, but seems its not in the correct format. I tried to find version 205 on asus website, but no luck, only available version is 215 and 214

Regarding the memory, with the normal g15ce bios, ver. 214 I can run the stock ram at 3600 MHz with the following settings: 16-19-19-38 1.4V
I haven’t tried ver. 215.


Edit: the 205 version is good. you just need to download another bios file from asus that comes with the renamer software and run it alongside 205 after you change the extension to .CAP, then flash the resulting file via usb

I can’t seem to find the proper chip to flash. The only one in the vicinity of the one labeled bios that I could identify, is marked as winbond 25q128jvsq, but when I read it, it does not contain the current bios that’s flashed onto the system.

Also, the .CAP file from the support website is different than the .bin that the chip/flasher requires and I’m not sure where to get a dump for it.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

ok, cool. I will give it a try later today

does your aumory crate detecting your motherboard and your other RGB devices? Mine only detecting the LED strop on the case and nothing else

I uninstalled it since it overrides the fan settings/curve set in bios. I don’t care about lights that much, so I let everything cycle.
There are a few things you can modify too, if your CPU overheats. On my system, even under load, it never goes above 70 degrees now.

Also, I tested the overclock settings on v215 and everything works as expected. Stock RAM modules running at 3600 with no issues.

with same timing and voltage?

@cal113 yes, the same values posted above:
3600 MHz

worked for me! Thank you very much!

@cal113 now we just need to figure out how to crossflash the motherboard, to get the retail bios on there

someone on reddit posted this image. is that the bios chip ?

After some testing, I can confirm that’s the bios chip, from the picture above.
I also used UEFITool to extract the .rom from the .cap file, so now I have a proper blank target bios that can be written straight to the chip, but I still have a hard time understanding how to extract the specific data from my board (serial, mac address, etc) in order to add it to the new one, since FD44Editor can’t read the values from the dump.
@meatwar can you please advise?
Thank you

Yes, but i think the process is too complicated to me. I dont trust myself lol

isn’t the chip above the one you circled the bios chip? it says BIOS on it. lol

@cal113 I know it’s confusing, but no. the one we need to dump and flash is the circled one, below the controller that says BIOS

Let me know when you succeed! I need details. Lol

I’ll probably follow this tutorial to some extent


I was using this tutorial: