flashing bios with Universal programmer (need help)

Hello everyone reading this.
I am trying to learn more about manually flashing a BIOS chip.

there are times that i can easily flash an BIOS chip which are for example provided as an .bin file from the motherboard manufacturer, and are the exact size and hex code looks almost similair.
but i find my self stubbing upon a different situation multiple times and not really sure how to solve it on my own.

in this case i have an Asus motherboard with the need to manually flash the BIOS chip with my Universal programmer.
i would obtain a healthy bios firmware file, which is in a zip file, after extracting this BIOS file i would end up with the following file:
the file is 2.048 KB

when i compare this extracted bios file to the one i just dumped directly from the BIOS chip, i end up with different size. to be exact 2x bigger
4.096 KB
.also the HEX code looks diffirent.

i have uploaded both of those files maybe someoen can take a look at it and explain me how do i go about manualy flashing such BIOS
the file directly dumped from the BIOS chip:
the firmware file that i am trying to flash(which was downloaded directly from asus )

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@jagiro :
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There is a big difference between the size and content of
a) any BIOS file, which is offered by the mainboard manufacturer for the specific mainboard, and
b) the individual BIOS chip, which is currently inside the specific mainboard.
The BIOS chip contains the complete Regions (BIOS Region, ME Region, GbE Region etc.), whereas the downloadable BIOS files contain just a part of them.
For details please read >this< statement given by plutomaniac.

Dieter (alias Fernando)