Foxconn G31MV - help needed with mod to support Xeon L5420

a friend of mine asked me to upgrade his old PC. Since the mobo has only 2 phase for CPU, I went for L5420 (50W).
I have the bios modded with microcode and slic, but after I start the PC, it gives me error:

I am attaching BIOS and I would be super happy if someone would be able to help me to disable the CPU check…
Thank you. (497 KB)

@ice - which CPU do you have C0 (Q9FR, SLARP) or E0 (QFVZ, SLBBR)? If you are unsure, please remove heatsink and look on top of CPU never mind, all microcodes updated properly to latest, so this is not part of the issue
Sorry, this BIOS is too old, I don’t remember methods to do edits like you need here. Did you clear CMOS after flash, then load optimal defaults?

@Lost_N_BIOS - thanks a lot for your time to answer. It is E0. I cleared CMOS, after power on it just shows the message and shuts down… If you do not have the solution, noone else will :). I will let the PC go with E8400 then :).
Thanks again!

@ice - You’re welcome. Sorry, I can’t edit old BIOS like that very well anymore, it’s been too long. There is a way to fix I’m sure, but I can’t remember how to edit those. If you ask on BIOS-mods forum someone might be able to help

If i remember correctly, there is no way to run these CPUs in the Biostar motherboards that suffer from this same issue.

The solution -…n-L5420-upgrade