foxconn mars intel p35 and Asus rog mars gtx 760 4gb

I bought the asus rog mars dual graphics gtx 760 4gb and when i install the card into my system Foxconn Mars Intel P35 chipset, the system became unstable. And when install the nvidia driver the system crashes with BSOD into the nvlddmkm.sys.
Asus told me my system not support 4Gb video cards.
Any way to modify my bios to support the new graphic card.the system has the latest bios P16 revisión.

Thanks . And sorry my english.

Even if your BIOS was of new generation, it would still be impossible to add support for such request by just patching. But when you take into account that you have AWARD BIOS, not even the manufacturer would bother with such task.

Forgive me for asking this, but wasn’t this overkill in the first place with that system? I mean, even one card would struggle to reach max output from that system, let alone a dual one.

No the system is overclocket to 3.9 ghz has 8g ram ddr2 1000mhz. and till now i have a gtx 660, i probe an gtx 760 with 2 gb and works very nice. but with the asus card dual the system hangs up, or crashes.

Maybe this is a useless question, but do you have the PSU to support this card? After all, it is a dual card and will eat more power, not to mention the other overclock. Because other than that, I don’t see a solution for you. There is nothing in the BIOS settings that could allow a temporary fix, there is no way you could fix the BIOS. After all, it was released almost 7 years ago, when the GPUs were still in the 9xxx series. You must settle for a single card, unless a normal SLI will work for you.

As lordkag said, a) most probably your power supply is not enough for such power draw and b) it’s overkill, you wan’t benefit from a dual card configuration because the cpu will be bottle-necking you entirely.