Freezes, hard-locks & unwanted reboots.

Hi everyone, hi Fernando !

I’m getting back to you because I’ve been experiencing many freezes, bsods and unwanted reboots since april 2014 on the machine I last wrote for on this forum. Here’s an overview of my configuration :…er-aspire-g7750
(Concerning AMD driver update, it is not relevant : the driver suggested is not intended to my GPU. I update it throught AMD Control Center whenever it askes me to and it works perfectly like that.)

I went through many tests, but I never could set a conclusion. A few month ago, I just tried to replace the CMOS battery for a new one, and I got totally rid of all those crashes for quite a while (about 4 months). I thought the problem was solved. But the issue has come back. In the meantime I clean installed W10 pro (it was originally running under W7) and I experienced troubles as my system drive is in RAID-0, but thanks to all the resources I could find here as well as your help and advices, I managed to create a “custom” W10 install incl. Intel RST drivers v11.2.0.1006. Short after that, I’ve had a few Bsods, but nothing really comparable to what used to happen before, so I decided to consider they were not related to my past issues. But I now have to face reality ; since a while, I’ve been experiencing new freezes and unwanted reboots, just as it would before I replaced the CMOS battery. Despite the fact that since W10 install, I’m having some bsods again with bugchecks, in most of the cases, the PC freezes before it has the time to write any dump file, so it is very hard to identify the problem.

I lately could identify those ones :
- SCSIPORT_SYS triggered when running the built-in Driver Verifier utility which crashes the PC within the 1st second charging Windows OS and restarts/crashes endlessly until I manage to reset verifier cmd in safe mode.

Because of those SCSIPORT_SYS bsods, I now consider old “classical” RST drivers as possibly causing that issue but I’m really not sure of that as when previously running W7, not being aware that RST updates were not adapted to my X58 chipset, I did update them regularly to the lastest releases available and the crashes already happened.

There is no specific condition for the crash to occur. It mostly happens within 10 minutes after boot (it can be far shorter) and with nothing (or nothing really heavy) running in foreground. The problem usually shows up after the PC has been off for a while, but this is not always the case (I clarify that I never switch off the I/O power-button next to the PSU and the PC always remains plugged-in). When a crash comes about, there are great chances that some others will follow (several crashes at startup before the machine runs steadily). Should the PC crash, it will, regardless of “where” it happens : it can crash in the BIOS, in safe mode, using memcheck (not meaning memory is bad though).

Therefore, I think the problem is hardware or low-level driver related (it has persisted over a fresh and newer install and can occur outside Windows).

I’m lost and desperate ! Any idea ?

do you still have these issues?