Freezing laptop, requirees hard restart to work again

hello everyone, i have an acer aspire 7735Z (bios says its a 7735 but case says its a 7735Z so i aint sure), it has been dual booted with windows 10 & 7. windows 10 was on it first and later added 7,

managed to configure the bootloader with a windows 10 installation usb stick. which allowed me to go to windows 10. anyway im getting oftrack.

however it occasionally freezes and locksup requiring a restart to work again.

according to r/windows 7 this could be a driver related issue. and got routed to you guys. can you guys help me

Base drivers are the same for Z or ZG, update latest drivers for Win7 and Win10.
Uses Intel HD Graphics (XP support) or Radeon 4570M (Up to w8 support)…both a mess in w10 performance stability, this is a w7 machine max…the rest is an adventure.

ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570 Drivers & Support | AMD

EDIT: SSD is not an issue if healthy. However an issue with the chip solder/gpu on the motherboard is… a lot of this “old”…4570 had failures in other brand/models

Just realised i forgot to add it has a modern sata ssd (mx-500)

I didnt knew that, thanks for telling me