From Asus AMI UEFI Bios to NOT Asus AMI UEFI Bios

Hi to all,
i have a motheborard Asus P8Z68-V-LX with APTIO IV bios UEFI.
When enter the bios there is a Asus EZ Mode m Asus Advanced Mode… it possibile use a standard APTIO IV Bios without asus personalization.

Thnsks a lot for help.

This is the ASUS interface based/on top of the AMI Aptio IV code…
Its Asus work and there’s no “Pure AMI” base code interface available to swap.

EDIT: The AMIBCP will work on most of the AMI bioses, due to the base code is based on Aptio Core bios… nothing new on this. The UI on top is from each vendor is their on work.

Thnaks for Answer.
I thought it could be done because if edit the bios with Amipcb , there is all menu of “Pure AMi” bios.
I thought that it was enough to change some option to disable the Asus Interface.

Thanks again for the answer.

Hi to all,
Asus Ami UEFI Aptio IV , are not standard Graphics Interface , if edit bios with Amipcb and Unlock the menu, in the Asus Ami Uefi bios don’t show.

It possibile unlock hidden menu of bios?

Thanks a lot for help.