Fujitsu D3441-S1 Intel AMT unreachable in Sleep mode, works fine when powered off or in Hibernation mode.

So I have this board: Fujitsu D3441-S1

With a Q170 and Board and Intel AMT is setup to be available in all power states. Intel AMT is available in all power states, except when the PC is in sleep mode.

It also Locks up when waking from Sleep, but waking from Hibernation is no problem. With lock up I mean that fans spin up, but there is no video and keyboard NUM key LED keeps running. Pressing keys have no impact. I have to hard reset the pc to make it accessible again.

Also while that problem is persistent now, I few weeks back, AMT and waking was also possible from Sleep mode.

It seems to work fine, at first, when I reflash BIOS, but at some time the problem occurs and does not go away.

Anyone knows what the issue here is?

Bios update doesn’t reflash ME. Might be OS, might be bios, might be bios settings, might be ME…

Which version of ME it this?

Intel® Active Management Technology firmware version: 11.8.79-build 3722

I don’T think that it is an issue with ME. It’s just that I noticed, that I can not even access MEE when the PC is in SLeep mode.

That would rule out anything related to the OS.

ME should always be available, regardless of powerstate and OS.

I think the PC is just not properly being put into sleep mode. Or the sleep mode crashes ME. After that only a hardreset will help.

I think this is not as clear as you think. Since it’s OS that puts PC to sleep it and you think the PC isn’t properly set to sleep it can’t be ruled out.

What di you mean you can’t access ME? Do you mean the AMT interface?

- Try another disk, set up a fresh windows installation, check if error persists.
- Clean ME following this guide: [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization

Yes. The Intel AMT webinterface is not available when the problem occurs.