Full speed PCI-E SSD + GPU on Z77 - possible with SLI board?

Currently I have this setup:
- Intel i7 3770k @ 4,6GHz
- MSI Z77A-GD55
- 24GB RAM
- GTX970 (currently using Radeon HD5450)
- 2x Crucial MX100 256GB in RAID0

I was thinking about buying PCI-E <> M.2 adapter and to plug in high performance NVMe SSD (Patriot Hellfire for example). One thing got me thinking lately: if my board supports SLI, two of PCI-E x16 should be connected to CPU and I have confirmed it (please look into attachments).

Do you think it will be possible to run two devices at PCI-E 3.0 x8 speed simultaneously? If I have 8 lanes to spare for SSD, maybe some sort of RAID0 will be possible with those? (that would be an huge overkill, but hey - if it’s possible, why not?). Also, I plan to upgrade my GPU to GTX 1080 but from I’ve read it should be fine with x8 speed as long as it will be gen 3.

Thanks in advance!



@forteller :
Since I have no knowledge about how to split the available PCIe lanes of your Z77 chipset mainboard, I cannot answer your question.
You should better ask the MSI Support.

I don’t think they will provide support as it regards something that is potentially unsupported (let alone booting from PCI-E drive), but I will try anyway. Thank you.