FYI, Broken Links on the site + P5Q Pro Turbo Mod Help

Thanks for such great resource! Below my request, I have listed some of the broken links/issues I ran into, so that you can update them.

My Issue:
I am trying to do data RAID1 with two 3 tb drives on Asus P5Q Pro Turbo. Reading your excellent guide, I understand that my bios has limited space, so I need to use ROM_v10.1.0.1008. I am able to open the existing ROM, but I need the RST ROM_v10.1.0.1008.

1. The 7z file for ROM_v10.1.0.1008 gave an error (from both the locations) when opening with WinRAR. (Other versions extract fine, the issue is with just this option).
2. FYI, unrelated to this, the link for other CBROM versions,, does not work any more.

My Request:
Would it be possible for you to insert ROM_v10.1.0.1008 into the Official ASUS Bios (Attached)? I will post the results so that others may be able to use that file directly for their P5Q Pro Turbo boards.
Alternatively, if you can suggest how I can get the correct versions of the files and do it myself.

MANY thanks Fernando, and have a Great 2014!

@ P5QTurbo:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

Thanks for both informations.
to 1.: I just have tested it and had no problem to get the Intel_RAID-ROM_v10.1.0.1008.7z files extracted by using WinRAR 5.01. Nevertheless I will reupload the file as .rar archive.
to 2.: The broken link will be removed.
EDIT: Done!

I am sorry, but I generally do not modify BIOSes upon request. If I would start doing that, writing my guides would have been wasting my time. I hope for your understanding.


Thanks Fernando, your updated file did the trick. I was able to boot with the new BIOS. I then installed the 11.2 RAID drivers package, and the windows start just fine.

The problem is that the two 3-tb drives are not visible during the Control-I option in BIOS. In the RST console in windows, it shows both the drives, but there is no "Create" button. What do you suggest as the next steps? Thanks again for your help!

I will post the updated BIOS and the results once I have tested everything. Thanks!

Only Intel RAID ROMs from v10.5 up are able to see > 2 TB sized HDDs.

If you should not be able to insert an Intel RAID ROM v10.5.x.xxxx or higher (best option would be v11.2.0.1527), I recommend to ask ASUS for a BIOS, which contains an updated Intel RAID ROM.

OK. I updated the software + RAID drivers to 11.2, and updated the BIOS to 11.2 as well. After CMOS reset, now I get the Control-I screen, and it gets stuck there. The only way out is pushing the power/reset button, as Control-I, or del (or any key for that mater) do not respond.

PS: I am using the BIOS 0701 from…O%20TURBO&os=25. I have already deleted the logo to make space. I do use the Jmicro SATA (not for a raid, but just regular sata connection). Is there anything else I can delete to make more room? If I must, I can delete Jmicro and but a PCIe card to get extra SATA connection. In that case, how do I identify the jmicro OROM? Thanks.

The JMicron RAID ROM is the listed Option ROM with the RunLoc entry "197B: 2361".
Since it is a RAID OROM, it may be possible, that the connected HDD running in SATA mode still works after the delition of the JMicron RAID OROM.