GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 Microcode Update

I’m struggling to figure out how to update this motherboards microcode. It appears to have microcode ABOVE compressed modules, and in NCPUCODE.BIN, and some of the microcode in NCPUCODE.BIN are duplicates of what’s above the compressed modules.

It’s an Award BIOS 6.00PG based system. This is the current memory mapping of the stock BIOS image:

---CPU CODE---
          CPUID     REVISION
0x232488 00600F12 │ 0600063D
0x2338A8 00600F20 │ 06000822
0x246FE0 00100F62 │ 010000C7
0x2479A8 00100F41 │ 010000C6
0x2481A8 00100F40 │ 01000085
0x2489A8 00100F43 │ 010000C8
0x24AAA8 00100FA0 │ 010000BF
0x340000 (lh5) 78ltb3r2.BIN
0x352585 (lh5) awardext.rom
0x35C1BB (lh5) ACPITBL.BIN
0x35F3D2 (lh5) ggroup.bin
0x3621AE (lh5) ffgroup.bin
0x365D45 (lh5) y2group.bin
0x36956F (lh5) awardeyt.bin
0x3700D9 (lh5) tgroup.bin
0x370AA2 (lh5) t1group.bin
0x370BFD (lh5) t2group.bin
0x370D59 (lh5) t3group.bin
0x370EB5 (lh5) t4group.bin
0x371011 (lh5) _EN_CODE.BIN
0x373F89 (lh5) 76G_DVI.bin
0x37D5B2 (lh5) 76G_HDMI.bin
0x386BDA (lh5) raid47.BIN
0x390895 (lh5) AMDAHCI.bin
0x39439A (lh5) rtegrom.lom
0x39DF95 (lh5) ahci.DLL
0x3A4FE1 (lh5) DBIOS.BMP
0x3A5501 (lh5) SBF.BIN
0x3A7B59 (lh5) AGESACPU.ROM
0x3A9E53 (lh0) MEMINIT.BIN
0x3B7D45 (lh0) HT.DLL
0x3BD0F2 (lh0) HT32GATE.BIN
          CPUID     REVISION
0x3E07E0 00100F40 │ 01000085 (Duplicate)
0x3E0FE0 00100FA0 │ 010000BF (Duplicate)
0x3E17E0 00100F41 │ 010000C6 (Duplicate)
0x3E1FE0 00100F62 │ 010000C7 (Duplicate)
0x3E27E0 00100F43 │ 010000C8 (Duplicate)
0x3E2FE0 00100F22 │ 010000C9
0x3E37E0 00100F20 │ 010000CA

Any ideas? The CPU I’m using has CPUID 600F20, and even if I put the microcode update in NCPUCODE.BIN, it is never actually used, so I’m beyond confused then what NCPUCODE.BIN is doing, if it seems to not use it, unless this is FX CPU specific and only can be updated to the portion above, but if I hex edit these in place, and add a new PCI option ROM to force a checksum update, Q-Flash says “Invalid BIOS Image”, so that’s a no-go. If I continue to look above the first microcode, I can see the ASCII text “AMD Phenom™ Octal-Core” and “AMD Unprogrammed Engineering Sample”.

CBROM does not see any of this stuff except NCPUCODE.BIN, that’s it.

@MasterLink. try to flash it. (1.1 MB)

Darn, was hoping it would work. Unfortunately it comes back still with Invalid BIOS Image.

@MasterLink, Q-Flash check property BIOS image. Try another software for your old mobo.
UPD. May be, FlashROM, exist WIN and DOS versions.