I have a GA-H97M-D3H motherboard and both bios are hosed by me .The question is I have a SkyPro programmer and test clips to clamp onto the bios chips, can I just use the latest bios and not have to mod it in anyway ? I have done ASUS boards before and know how to mod them just unsure about Gigabyte bios as it ends in .F9 for the latest one. The SkyPro supports ASUS bios files without having to mod it. But the other programmers I have used had to mod bios for them to work

@rodtoo40 - Yes, Gigabyte BIOS is ready to write with programmer, it’s in bin format and is complete BIOS (FD, GbE when used, ME and BIOS regions all there, unlike Asus)
You will need to edit in your LAN MAC ID, but I can’t tell you where that goes until you have the board up and running again and send new backup. LAN MAC ID will be on a sticker on the board, usually on the LAN Metal block itself.

Unless you have backup of the current messed up BIOS, I do suggest you get a valid verified backup of both chips before you write anything, and make sure you open in hex editor to make sure it’s not all FF’s or 00’s

Thank you I will try to back up both bios first . I do understand about the Mac address as with Asus you had to edit the .cap file for it and other things I have the program for that and a few others the usual ones.

Asus FD44 does not work for Gigabyte BIOS. You will need to locate the MAC in the old BIOS backups, then put into the stock BIOS at same location, this is done with hex editor.

Will do. thanks