GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 1.0 BIOS doesn't support >2TB sized HDDs

I’m runnnig Win8 Pro x64 with 128GB Crucial c300 SSD as system drive and i’d like to create a RAID5 array with three 4TB HDD’s using buit-in Intel SATA2 RAID contoller .
The problem is that only 1.6TB of 4TB(3.64TB) are displayed in intel matrix storage manager option menu (ver. So i guess to solve this problem i need to update it which i don’t know how to do.
All my mobo’s drivers are up to date (chipset, raid controller and etc.)

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You are lucky, because Gigabyte has updated the Intel RAID ROM of the GA-X58A-UDR3 BIOS in 2012 to v10.6.0.1091, which is fully supporting >2 TB sized RAID volumes.
The download link to the latest BIOS version FH for your mainboard can be found at >this< site.
So you will just have to flash the original BIOS FH and will get what you want. There is no BIOS modding required (but it may be useful nevertheless).


thank you very much, my mobo is rev 1.0 and this link for mobo rev 2.0 . is this matter? to understand me see this link at above you can see there are two versions for this mobo rev 1.0 and rev 2.0

Yes, this matters very much, because you probably will not be able to use the much newer BIOS FH, which has been designed for the board rev. 2.0.
So you may be very unlucky with your mainboard. I suspect, that its BIOS has the wellknown OROM space problem, which makes it impossible to get any of the actual >100 KB sized Intel RAID ROM versions inserted. The latest module, which will work, is v10.1.0.1008, but this version does not support >2 TB RAID volumes. What you will need is an Intel RAID ROM v10.5.x.xxxx or higher.
My suggestion: Ask Gigabyte for an updated BIOS, which contains an Intel RAID ROM, which supports big sized RAID volumes (as they did it for the rev. 2.0).

thanks Fernando , i search by google and found bios F8b moded

1. Intel® RAID ROM
2. Realtek LAN ROM 2.56 (*2.57)(**2.58)
3. JMicron ROM 1.07.28
4. Marvell Bios Version
4. Marvell Bios Version
5. Firmware

it worked fine.

this direct link for this bios

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So you were lucky at least. Thanks for the link!