GA-Z68XP-UD4: Problems to get full NVMe Support

Hello good morning, I bought a NVMe M.2 500Gb, and a PCI express adapter, I already clone my operating system unit, but my motherboard and BIOs do not recognize it, my motherboard is: GA-Z68XP-UD4, I need to update my Bios, and in the forums it says that you can help me, please help me.

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Wot revision and bios version ur using?

If still in legacy bios F6 u need to update to the hybrid UEFI U1L prior to any mod, according Gigabyte instructions.

EDIT: Thats tool old, first update to F6 then, update like i posted to the U1L, ill attach here the mod to flash later, for now do as instructed.
Its not helpful image, only shows ur using F3 bios version, Revision 1.0 or 1.3 is printed in the PCB motherboard, in ur picture is X.X… not so great info.

I just uploaded an image with all the information I hope it will be helpful.


I’m struggling with the same problem, did you get it to work? I’m stuck with hybrid EFI version, but I can’t find the drivers or modded BIOS to recognize my nvme as a boot option

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By the way - users of a mainboard with an Intel 6-Series chipset will never see their NVMe SSD listed within the BIOS as bootable device. Nevertheless it may be possible to boot off it (the created EFI boot partition will be shown as “Windows Boot Manager”).
Good luck!
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