Gaming Performance Increase Programs

@Likashots :
Please delete the survey. It doesn’t make any sense to ask “Did you guys find this useful? OR was this is waste of time?” and to give the voters the options to check “Yes” or “No”.
Nobody knows thereafter, how many “Yes” or “No” voters meant the first or the last question, which is exact the opposite of the first one.

@Fernando I already asked him to shorten title in PM, since we were talking there, I knew you’d ask him as soon as you saw it. So he probably was going to, just hadn’t read my message yet

No clue how to remove the vote option, we can just delete the post if needed no biggie

@Likashots - copy to a new thread, then I will delete this one for you
I understand the vote question, as a single question, even though you split it into seemingly two questions. Should be comma instead of two questions, then would sound as intended I think