Getting Windows XP to boot from a Samsung 950 Pro drive

I have been reading many different threads on this subject here on the Win-Raid forums and I could not find a clear answer to what I am experiencing and they are all old threads anyway and I wouldn’t want to necro old threads. So I decided to start a new one and see if some how I could find a solution to this.

I own an X79 system and thanks for Fernando’s help I did manage to get it running and booting WindowsXP from two SSD’s in RAID-0 on the Intel Matrix RAID onboard chipset just fine. So I have that at least (Thank you Fernando). Now I would like to go to the next step: I would like to try and get WindowsXP booting and running on a Samsung 950 Pro NVME SSD. I own one, a 256GB model. But my problem (and this is something I have not seen anyone else mention or discuss) is when ever I try and boot up a WindowsXP install with this 950 pro installed in a PCI-Express slot the Windows XP boot sequence just… stops and freezes. No error messages. No blue screens. Nothing. It just stops. Does anyone (Maybe Fernando?) have any idea what causes this and what could resolve it?

I found this page here: NVMe for Windows 2003 Server download | that appears to of created NVME drivers for Server 2003 and it works in Windows XP too. But the problem is I can not get the XP system to complete booting with the NVME drive in the system so I can’t get in to load the driver for it. I have read pretty much every thread on the topic that I could find in the searcher on this forum website and I can’t find an answer to this. Could anyone help me please?

EDIT: Extra information: My 950 Pro drive is in a PCI-Express 4x NVME adapter, this board has no native onboard M.2 NVME ports. I don’t know if that effects it but it shouldn’t? I have tried and I am able to install to and boot Windows 10 on the 256 GB 950 Pro drive, in the PCIE adapter in this X79 computer perfectly normally. So the drive works, the adapter works, and it all should be working.

have u tired using n-lite to slipstream the driver in to the installer.

i also have been trying to get an nvme drive working with xp i don’t have a 950 pro. i tired with a 970 evo plus and system locks up when writing data to drive.

These are the preconditions to be able to get Windows XP installed onto a Samsung 950 Pro SSD:

  1. You need an NVMe driver, which fully supports Windows XP x86 (I don’t know any, Schtrom’s modded 32/64bit OFA drivers seem to work only with XP x64 or/respectively Windows Server 2003 x86).
  2. The OS installation should be done in LEGACY mode (by creating a Master Boot Record) and the recognition of available Option ROM modules has to be forced by the related BIOS settings.

Thanks for the reply. And yes I have come to the conclusion that this is a lost cause. Oh well.