Gigabyte Aorus 15G (YC) Unlock Help

Good afternoon,
I’m new to this forum and i was looking to see if my laptop bios can be mod and came across with this thread;
Gigabyte-AORUS-G-BIOS-unlocked on this forum

I have followed all the steps outlined and have created the files from before and after unlocking the BIOS in 'pchsetup’

I have attached my bios . Could someone please mod it if possible?

thanks in advance

biosreg.part1.rar (5 MB)

biosreg.part2.rar (1.04 MB)


WOW you’re the first who made all by himsellf , super !
Here you go :

Flash by fpt tool

fptw.exe -f biosregmod.bin -bios…07_Mod.rar/file

Upload a photo of bios unlocked please to see if all is unlocked …
Let me know

thanks was a lot of reading and trial and error really appreciate for your quick replied I will try it now and I will upload the picture

thanks again

PS I just flash the bios and here is the pictures of the advance menu unlock

thanks again really appreciate



Many thanks to confirm the mod …
All credits to the Big Lost_N_BIOS !!!

edit guess this doesn’t apply to me