[GIGABYTE] [AORUS] AORUS 15G YC - secure boot option, thunderbolt activation - back in the moding game


I have recently bought an AORUS 15G YC laptop,
It’s great but i had 2 surprises:
- not possible to disable secure boot, only an option “delete all secure boot variables”, i’m having some problems to install a debian distrib.
- usb type C has no thunderbolt capacity, very strange because lastgeneration had it, i didn’t even check before buying .

So i came back to the bios moding game, (i had successfully added some options in the past to another laptop : hyperthreading option to disable it)

I made a dump of my actual bios (last version) opened it with amibcp and:
- there is a thunderbolt 3 menu
do you thing thunderbolt 3 would be partially operationnal?

- there is a complete menu in security to interact with secure_boot
Can i activate it? some menus are duplicated : main, security, boot,. Is there a problem to activate the secondary security menu?

- I tried to flash back a modded version of my bios with AFUWIN but i had a security check failed that prevented it => I will continu to read posts and tutos.

Thank you in advance for your feedbacks


PS:for curiosity, here is attached the stock rom i flashed my bios with

@gosuz92 Hi. The option ‘Delete all secure boot keys’ is the one I used to disable secure boot. It is my understanding that this is the proper way to do it in this bios. After choosing ‘Delete all secure boot keys’ and booting into windows you can verify that secure boot is indeed disabled.

Thunderbolt should work as advertised (i.e. 40Gb/s). It does work very well in mine. Take a look in hwinfo. Are you seeing a Thunderbolt 3 Port (4 lanes)? What exactly are you experiencing when you try to connect a Thunderbolt 3 device to the port?

Re BIOS: take a look at this thread.
By the way, I see no file attached.