Gigabyte B360M-D2V hidden settings

Hey everyone,

Can someone mod this in my bios:
Intel (VMX) Virtualization Technology >> Disabled by default
VT-d >> Disabled by default

even when i turn off vt-d in my bios, it still says virtualization is turned on in windows.

Risk is too great, of system failure due to that board doesn’t have Dual-Bios and bios has Bios Guard/RSA enable.
Do u have a CH314A Programmer and know the use of it?
If u do u can use AMIBCP 5.02.xxxx and edit Access to “USER” in Sub menus CPU Configuration, Chipset and System Agent SA Configuration.

I will not do such mod. Good luck.

EDIT: If u saw it already done to this specif motherboard (Bios F14) then follow that. Not saying impossible but my answer and tips r given, u can wait for another opinion.

Is it really hard?
because i saw someone else, they modded it really easy.

Well not to this specific motherboard, but some other 1.
So it is not possible? :frowning:

I opened my bios file in the AMIBCP
Found the string, and it is only 1 string that has to be disabled
Intel (VMX) Virtualization Technology
Can someone please help me with that?



Try change the EFI variable with GRUB or RU. Ur problem here is a permanent change commitment in to a bios MOD, not he mod itself but the flash of a modified bios, due to Gigabyte implemented security.
Thats wot can fail and u get a death motherboard.
Users u wants to persist on this kind of endeavor have a CH341A programmer and its use knowledge, in order to recover from unbootable flash mods to bios.

I understand it now :slight_smile: