Gigabyte B460 HD3 LG1200

I’m wondering if its possible if I already have a K series chip? I have the i5 10600k, the bios is honestly super wonky if you hit escape out of some of the options instead of clicking back, you can access some features that are locked like turbo boost 3.0 and override flex ratio, but I can not set it. if anyone can help me out let me know I would very much appreciate it and will give a tip or donation

@enormity - There is no question here?? You don’t explain what you want to do.
Yes, there is known backdoor/bug feature in new Gigabyte BIOS, I outline how to use/get to them in this thread (see under change log @ Bug/backdoor area)
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If you mean can you OC on B460 board, no, this is locked out due to chipset, even if I make the OC settings visible to you.

Yeah sorry about that and you are correct… I was wondering if you made them visible to me if I would be able to OC on it since I have a unlocked processor, sorry about my bad English

It’s OK I’ve tried before for other budget chipsets, it does not work, sorry. You need Z board to OC

another question i don’t know if you know much about, i had a bios update for my motherboard recently and it unlocked Resizable BAR, from my understanding its only accessible if i had an 3000 series or amd graphics card until nvidia releases support for it on 2000 series?

Sorry, not sure on that, you’ll have to google around. I think I saw someone mention only AMD right now