Gigabyte B75M-D3H v1.1 Backup BIOS Flash, & locating a utility for editing default values

Manufacturer: Gigabyte
-Motherboard Model: B75M-D3H v1.1
-Bios revision: F14 (backup is F6)
-Bios Type: Insyde BIOS
-Bios Download Link:…75m-d3h_f14.exe
-Is this the correct board?


I have some Gigabyte boards, B75M-D3H v1.1. I’d like to update the backup BIOS and did read a different model supported LCTRL+END at boot (or something similar). None of the key combinations were successful. Can anyone recommend a strategy for flashing the backup chip?

The other task is trying to integrate custom settings in the flash file. It would be helpful to be able to edit the default values of a ROM file. Can anyone suggest a utility?

Previously this utility did the job. The B. I. O. S. on these boards uses Insyde EFIFLASH and the utility is incompatible. PhoenixTool, here, can read and open the file. It isn’t meant to complete this task.

The cause for these goals is multi-part. Research reveals the boards are known to infrequently be caught in a power cycle loop. A system will power on, grind a second, power off, and then power itself on and repeat. The only remedy is to hold the power button to shut down, repower for the backup chip to kick in and allow it to reflash the first. The problem manifests itself in a number of vanilla configurations with reliable hardware every few months (Antec PSUs, Intel SSDs). While it cannot be avoided, it would be nice to forego reapplying the BIOS version and settings.



P. S. I have a target settings file if it would assist.

Hello Silekonn,

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Since I don’t have any experience with Insyde BIOSes, I cannot help you.
Nevertheless I hope, that someone else will give you support.