Gigabyte bios edit to roll back to old bios

Hi, after I flash bios to F10 from F4, my windows breaks after login within 30 seconds.

I want to force the bios to roll back to F4, but since the F9 says"This BIOS prohibits updating to earlier version BIOS". I can’t do that, it shows invalid bios image when I try to flash F4.

BTW, I already checked back-up bios, it’s updated to F10 also, so I can’t go back.

I already tried to modify stuff after $BDR, in my case it’s not 01, it’s FF. I changed it to 00. Doesn’t work for me. (New user can’t post link, google $BDR bios)

bios link I use: GA-Z97X-UD5H-rev-10 (can’t post link)

anyone? really appreciate if someone can guide me on this

Due to such severe changes in ur bios version by Gigabyte i really dont think u can get a stable system ever, trying a flash back version.
I only see performing a CH341A SPI programming… my opinion only.

EDIT: And i dont see an SPI/DEBUG header on this model…it would have to be programmed with clip or de-soldered.

thanks for the suggestion. just checked, it’s soldered on the mobo, I don’t trust my skill to solder it back. I guess I will just buy another mobo then…thanks