Gigabyte DualBIOS with BIOS modifications?

I have modified f8d BIOS for a Gigabyte GA-H270N-WIFI motherboard by removing MeRecoveryDXE module (GUID F1FCD66F-8966-441E-909C-77F211AB9C3E) and disabling Intel ME. The motherboard has DualBIOS so I’m in doubt whether it’s enough to flash M_BIOS chip, or I need to flash both M_BIOS and B_BIOS chips to avoid my modifications to be overwritten. Will DualBIOS recovery only be activated if BIOS is unbootable or also if BIOS modifications are somehow detected? I will be using flashrom with internal programmer to flash the BIOS.

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Not really, because the Intel Management Engine has nothing to do with the topic “BIOS Modding”. Our expert for the topic “Intel ME” is plutomaniac, whereas Lost_N_BIOS is our BIOS modding Guru.
I recommend to post your Intel ME question(s) into >this< Sub-Forum and to specify the current title of this thread (the visitors may think, that you are searching for the GA-H270N-WIFI mainboard).
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Hi Fernando. Thanks for helping a new user, I will follow your suggestions to improve my questions.