gigabyte g5 won't boot

gigabyte g5 don’t turn on

Good afternoon sirs

I have this problem with my laptop, it is a gigabyte g5 kd
I did external cleaning to the screen, keyboard and below, it should be noted that I did not use liquids to clean, just a rag and a small brush I also passed a blowtorch to remove dust. I haven’t uncovered it because it’s still under warranty.

Then when you turn it on, the keyboard turns on with RGB lights and the indicator LED turns green, then the keyboard stays blue, the fans start to spin hard and the power indicator LED changes to orange and starts blinking. About 30 seconds later the laptop turns off.

Please help!!

Remove battery and ac, w8 5m then press and hold power button for 30sec, plug in all and try again.
Ensure that nothing is lock in any keyboard key as these fills in the buffer.
Any debris on input ports can make signal passage.
Or natural dead cause… time to return the machine.
Describe the blinks observed and time/space

Other procedures like remove CMOS battery its up to you as it need to be opened.
Theres also recover procedures for bios corruption with some keys combination depending on models but that should stay as last resource and user discretion.

EDIT: 40 times its not any know code for bios/hw diagnose.
What did i just said…depending on model for key combination, this forum is not Gigabyte support and i do not have same laptop, better start on manual of the machine right???

EDIT: Fans spinning its just fans spinning… We have NO proof that its a bios issue…by cleanning a machine…it may be a death motherboard and not bios corruption. Im not losing my time searching the required info for you, go to Gigabyte forums or contact Gigabyte if this is the path that you want to follow.
Again, bios recover, and more drastic procedures is not ADVISABLE, the machine is still in warranty. Over_n_Out, good luck.

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I’ll do what you told me and let you know. The led blinks about 40 times and then the equipment turns off

Please, just in case, can you tell me how I do the process for the BIOS?

Sorry friend, I’m new to this type of thing, I would appreciate if you guide me a little, the manual of my equipment does not have that information that you tell me

Attached video of the behavior
What sounds in the background are the fans


No proof that this is bios related so far, still in warranty- don’t loose time, get the laptop back to Gigabyte…