Gigabyte G5KC brick


When starting the laptop, the keyboard lights up for a second and the laptop turns off. The process happens constantly until you get the battery.
Can’t get into bios. Cyclic reloading and nothing else.
I suspect it’s a bios problem.

What are the possible fixes?

What makes you think it’s a bios problem?

What was done before brick? Undervolting? Firmware updates? Trying to flash a modded bios? Other mods?

Flashed bios. so I’m pretty sure that’s the problem.

CH341 programmer, read the firmware from the chip (do at least 2 100% identical dumps and check the structure with UEFIToolNE) and post it. Do you have a link to a stock bios-region or firmware?

Follow this link to find the official versions for this model:

The problem is that this programmer is not at hand now (I ordered it. Should come soon)

Gigabyte provides at least a complete firmware image, but by simply flashing this image you’d loose the machine specific data (MAC, serial…)
Don’t forget to check for spi chip voltage. .