Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 (rev. 3.0) Modded bios with nvme section

Latest BIOS (FDe) for Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 (rev. 3.0) with add NVME section!B0B3BCpD!MTiGp5Hi9SZN9…Ty47NV79NU5h_34

Tested on own motherboard and Samsung EVO 970 Plus

@Infector - Thanks for sharing your mod BIOS, I may move your thread into the already completed mod BIOS section

@Fernando - when you created "BIOS modding Results" and "already completed mod BIOS" sections, what was meant to be the difference between the two?
Was the latter meant to be more of a "complete mod" type section, and one where members might keep their own BIOS updated as time goes on, or does this kind of user edit also fit that category?

@Lost_N_BIOS :

The Sub-Forum “BIOS Modding Results” has been created by me already in May 2013, that means a few days after having started this Forum. The main reason was, that the size of the Option ROM modules at that time was growing fast from version to version and certain BIOSes were not able to load Option ROM modules, whose size exceeded a certain limit. Bad consequence: The Option ROM module could be updated, but the updated module didn’t work. To avoid useless BIOS modding tries by the Forum users, when the failure of a certain BIOS modification has already been verified by another user, I have started >this< thread, whose start post contains a table about what worked and what not. At that time I was the only “Team” member and my intention was to encourage the users to do the BIOS modding themselves according to the various guides I had written and published within the Forum. This Sub-Forum has been designed for users, who want to report about the experiences, problems and the result of their BIOS modification. The results have been summarized by me within the above mentioned thread.
Much later - in August 2016 - I created the Sub-Forum named “Offer: Already modded special BIOSes”, where Forum members were able to offer download links to their successfully modded BIOSes for other users, who were not willing or not able to do the BIOS moduification themselves.
To make it even more clear for the Forum visitors, I have now added the prefix “Reports:” to the Sub-Forum “BIOS Modding Results”.

Hi, could you reup this file again? thanks.

He’llo my friend can you reupload the file cause is deleted

try this bios.

970AUD33.rar (2.71 MB)

Thanks mate i will…