Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3R (rev. 1.0) "Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller Firmware" help

Hello. I am new to this forum and my english is bad.

I have a motherboard (Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3R rev. 1.0). It has a “Marvell 9128 SATA 6G” controller, which is responsible for the G-SATA3 connectors. Сontroller this version is out of date, therefore i am experiencing problems when connecting to G-SATA, modern SATA III SSD / HDD. This is expressed in the following: when connected to one or simultaneously to two ports G-SATA3, SSD or HDD SATAIII, the PC, when turned on, turns off after 1 second, and turns on itself. Also, when turned off from under Windows, it turns off abnormally (recording in SMART “C0 Power-off Retract Count”). When connected to SATAII ports - it’s fine, no troubles.

I would like to fix this problem and most likely this can only be done by updating the controller firmware. I ask for help from experienced members of the forum!

I enter the BIOS of the controller from under the BIOS of the motherboard. Data from there: 2009, Vendor ID 1B4B; Device ID 9128; Revision B1; Bios 65535 65535 65535 6553; Firmware

This board also has such a nuance that when turned on, SATA3 and USB3.0 work from PCI-E x16, while PCI-E x16 becomes x8.
Please tell me if there is a solution to my problem. If yes, help, write instructions. Are there any risks, etc. For earlier, i am very grateful to those who responded!

may be this will help…&id=215&lang=en

I’ve seen it all. The meaning is in these files, if I don’t know if they fit and what to do with them… But thanks for the offer!

Still relevant!

@LUXE999 :
Since I cannot help you myself, I recommend to have a look into >this< already existing thread, which has been started in December 2015 by our Forum member hanson, but contains some contributions written by our BIOS and Firmware Guru lordkag. Unfortunately he hasn’t been online here for a very long time.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)