Gigabyte H61M-S1 its possible to mod it?

Hi. Sorry if i post this in wrong place, im new to this forum. I have Gigabyte H61M-S1 (bios version:F10b) motherboard and Intel Core i5 3550 cpu. Is it possible to get modded bios for this motherboard? I would love to overclock my cpu but bios not allow it todo so, im only could move multiplier from 35 to 37. Also what modded bios could give me, im new to all this. Thanks for any help

I’ve tried this one before, no, it couldn’t

You need atleast a P67, Z68 and Z77 boards to overclock a cpu with turbo bin.

Thanks for reply, kinda sad but i know it will impossible to do anything. Just out of curiosity is there any modded bios for this motherboard and what will add or change?

I don’t know anything about bios mods, but regarding OC is probably KAPUT, that CPU is not even unlocked and with FSB I don’t think you could OC much to the point that would even matter for such old CPU sadly :frowning_face:

I also been using my I7 2600K at 4.9ghz for all this time, but it’s more than time to say good bye sadly.

ps: I’m in the process of acquiring a used Z390 motherboard + I7 8700K + 16GB of DDR4 used, hope everything goes well with it :sweat: