Gigabyte P35-DS4 (ICH9R) trim support

Hello there and sorry for my bad english.

I have just registered to the forum in order to find a solution regarding trim support of my Gigabyte P35-DS4 motherboard.

My config:
Mb: Gigabyte P35-DS4 rev 1.0 (ICH9R)
Bios: F14 (intel O-ROM

I’m using a raid 0 array with 2 WD SATA II hard drives at intel ICH9R controller (for storage purpose but I may boot from there -if I need to- by changing bios first boot device order).
I decided to mount a SSD OCZ ARC100 240GB to be used for OS (windows 7 64bit) and for programs. I connected the SSD at intel ICH9R controller and I installed windows 7 while the controller was at RAID mode in BIOS.
On windows 7 I tried many RST versions and TRIM is not working. I checked with trimcheck. Furthermore, the OCZ Guru has trim button not enabled.

I am not interesτed in enabling TRIM for raid 0. I want trim just for the SSD. Do I need a modified O-ROM for this purpose? Which one would you prefer in my situation?
And which RST version should I use?
If I update O-ROM is there a posibility to keep my raid 0 array as it is or it will be destroyed and I have to rebuild it?

How can I achieve the best performance for my ssd (and use the trim feature) and be sure to don’t have any problem with my raid 0 array?

Thank you in advance.

Any help?

@fonzareli :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and please apologize my delated reply.

Provided, that
a) the used OS sends TRIM commands (all Windows Operating Systems from Win7 up natively do it),
b) the OS own TRIM support has not been disabled by the user and
c) any Intel RST or RST(e) driver from v9.6.x.xxxx up is installed,
TRIM should natively pass the Intel SATA RAID Controller and work within all SSDs, which are connected with any Intel SATA port and are not a member of a RAID array.
Additionally TRIM works even within an Intel RAID0 array, if
a) the BIOS contains an Intel RAID ROM or EFI RaidDriver module, which supports the TRIM in RAID0 feature and
b) any Intel RST or RST(e) driver from v11.x.x.xxxx has been installed.

Regarding the “best” Intel RST driver for your Intel ICH9R RAID system please have a look into the start post of >this< thread.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you!
In this case I can not find out why I have not TRIM…
The OS (windows 7) sends TRIM commands.
The OS own TRIM has not been disabled.
The Intel RST driver is 11...*

But the TRIM mcommand is not working. Trimcheck is always "indeterminate" and OCZ Guru has trim command disabled!

Could the Intel RAID ROM be the problem?

Do you have any proof for that statement?

The TRIM activity within the SSD varies and is not always detectable. The detection of a low TRIM activity often fails, if you use the TrimCheck Tool.
Solution: Trigger TRIM, wait 15-30 seconds and do the manual TRIM check by using an Hex Editor like HxD. For details please have a look into the start post of >this< thread.
Furthermore Sandforce Controllers are “tricky” regarding the detection of TRIM activity, because the location of the not yet cleaned cells are changed very frequently.

Probably not. Which version is within your mainboard BIOS?

OROM v7.5.0.1017

I am not sure, whether this extremely old Intel MSM RAID ROM module will let TRIM pass through the Intel SATA RAID Conroller. Any Intel RST RAID ROM would be better (example: v10.1.0.1008).