Gigabyte Phoenix/Award BIOSes: How to avoid checksum errors

@ users with a Gigabyte mainboard and a Phoenix or Award BIOS:

If you look into the “BIOS Modding Success/Failure” table I have published >here<, you can see, that Award BIOSes for Gigabyte mainboards were the only ones, where the update of PCI ROM modules totally failed. The simple reason was a checksum error message while trying to flash the “modded” BIOS.
After having done a deeper look into some Gigabyte Phoenix and Award BIOS hex codes, I may have found a possibility to solve this big problem for users, who want to update the BIOS of their Gigabyte mainboard.

Since I cannot test it myself due to a missing Gigabyte board, I need a tester with a Gigabyte mainboard having a Phoenix or Award BIOS, who wants/wanted to update any of the PCI ROM modules, but gets/got a checksum error while trying to flash it into the mainboard BIOS chip.

If anyone is willing to do some tests, please send me a PM.