Gigabyte RAM voltage settings


My brother got a Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WiFi.
This damn thing wont run stable and as I read all over the internet, it is some kind of RAM incompability.

So there is this board equipped with G.Skill 2133 RAM.
The BIOS is updated to the latest release, and XMP is enabled.

But there are 2 DRAM voltage settings:
- DRAM Voltage (always 1.50V)
- Profile DDR Voltage (set by XMP profile)

The XMP profile sets the Profile DDR Voltage to 1.65V, but the DRAM Voltage stays at 1.50V.
Whats the difference between those 2 settings? Do I need to set DRAM voltage to 1.65V (which is impossible, only 0.02V increase)?

Thanks in advance,
Mr nUUb

EDIT: The CPU is an AMD A10-7800, not overclocked.