Gigabyte X470/ X570 Aorus BIOS mod thread

The Resizable BAR DXE driver worked as intended.

Still not as pretty as having the option from Gigabyte unlocked in UEFI, but it does the job.

So my Intel Arc GPU is not stuttering like crazy any more (I mean it still has micro-stutters left, but this is what I get with Intel Arc I suppose).

Just move the option above the suppress if function, simples. And again, you never needed to enable ReBAR, Above 4G Decoding does exactly the same thing - allows the CPU to have full access to the GPU memory in addressable space. If enabling 4G Decoding didn’t do much for you then that would be a GB issue, most likely where they broke the option.

Hello , been a couple years since I’ve been here, got my hands on a 7900 XTx and was wondering if adding PCIe gen 4 to the f63c bios on gigabyte would be possible, let me know if possible and about the donation required for having it done. Thanks in advance :+1:t2:

X470 gaming 7 wifi rev 1.0 with Ryzen 5800x

@Jman only certain boards can support Gen4 its not just a software thing. Some boards that could support it got a beta firmware but they were quite swiftly removed and the option ripped out again so if your board got a firmware supporting Gen4 it would need to be tracked down first and I’d mod that as AFAIK the Gen4 option isn’t something that can be just copy/pasted in it’s part of the AGESA itself.

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please is possibile to mod latest bios F64a for X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING?
i can’t find Spread Spectrum control anymore

@gyn0 I can have a look but I’m busy with a lot of projects atm, remind me in a couple weeks :+1:

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please mod latest bios F63d or any bios for X470 AORUS GAMING 7 WIFI
to set pcie bifurcation too.

Ket, hi… any possibilities to modify F64a for X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING for Spread Spectrum option?

@gyn0 I haven’t looked at any GB firmwares in a while, not enough time, I’d have to check if the latest firmwares still work with my tools or if GB are doing something like encapsulating them now, which is probably easy to work around.

hello, if you can unlock pci 4.0 option on x470 motherboard latest bios, F63D, I will be very gapful, I don’t mind to pay for your work.
pls let me know.
Bruno Monteiro

PCI-e 4.0 can only be enabled for some boards due to hardware limitations and even then there were only very specific firmware revisions this was possible with.

Hey…! What is the latest version of x470 gaming 7 with pci e 4.0 that you made?
I had pci e 4.0 with some early bios from gigabyte.

Hey mate, could you just change the F63 Bios from the Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming to enable CPU Voltage Negative Offset?
This would be awesome because i want to offset my cpu -30 this cools down the cpu alot and its way more stable on max boost rate also.

Thanks in advance