gigabyte x79-ud3 rev1.0 - Xeon E-5 2680 V2 support


Let me briefly introduce my-self, Peaches182, passionate by the x79 plateform and its amazing performances 5-6 years after the release on the market of this platform by Intel.

I am running multiple PCs with various CPUs going from i7 3930K to Bi-Xeon E5 2680v2 and Xeon E5-1680 V2.

I am writing here because i recently got a nice gigabyte x79-ud3 rev1.0 which doens’t support the Xeon E5 2680 V2 whereas its siter the V1.10 supports it.

They both share identical layout, and to be honnest I haven’t been able to find the difference between both of them. (contacted gigagyte to have this sorted out, but I am still waiting for an answer).

At the moment I am running the latest official FW available for the V1.0 and I was just wondering if somebody here, could update the list of supported CPUs with this bios.

I found some modded bios on the internet but it’s hardly impossible to know what was modded, added, etc, and most of the time they do claim that a CPU Microcode update was done, which doesn’t mean that a new microcode was injected into the bios.

I would really appreciate if somebody here, could either help me to add the support of this CPU to my bios or alternatively do it for me.

Thanks for reading me :wink:



It’s just a idea ,if you have ability to recover bios when it get fail or get brick .
Maybe you could force flashing v1.10 bios on your motherboard .

I compare v1.0 and v1.1 bios ,they are the same . So…??
Do you have test your e5-2680 v2 on it and it can’t boot ???


I tested it, before to place a 3930K into the socket and I had only a black screen. In the meantime I updated to bios revision 20 but I haven’t tried to place the CPU into the socket again.

I will try this again if bioses are really the same :-/

I will keep you posted. Thanks for your answer.

Hi, better late than never, I reply to myself.

I have updated my FW with the latest version of the bios which is identical to the one for v1.10 and it did not work. CPU is not recognized there must be a real physical difference between these V1.0 and V1.10 mainboard.

Thanks for you input there !

Have a nice day.