Gigabyte z170-HD3P Spd write enable on bios f5g

Hello, i see some topics about “spd write enable” with amibcp for different motherboards. I couldn’t be able to do my motherboard. I am trying to do it with “F5g” bios. Gigabyte z170-HD3P. because non-k overclock ability. If someone help me? thank you

this is f5g bios for z170 hd3p that i use

If not present, it cant be added or unlocked.

EDIT: Check it yourself with AMIBCP tool, the tool its mostly for checking only as most of the new AMI Aptio Core V bioses wont reflect the changes with it as it was with Aptio IV.
It must be HEX edited and using IFR tool.
Search the forum for the IFR tool and/or external links for the AMIBCP tool.

there many topics about “spd write enable” with different ways

f22 bios has spd write option amibcp. should i upgrade modified f22 to play with rank then go downgrade?

Youre asking me? Its your rig, your need and your decision, not users decision to tell you what to do.
If latest bios doesnt have that option and still want it…its your call do downgrade or not.
Play it/unlockek it as you want…lol

Problem Solved!

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