gigabyte z370 aorus gaming 5 disable hpet please

Hi! Can you help me please? Please disable hpet for bios F15a for z370 aorus gaming 5. I mean add a hidden option. Thanks!

Need 3 post before I can write a link

One moment. I sorry

Sorry for flood

I think you only need one post before you can add a link
But, no need for link anyway, you mentioned model name in full so that’s all that was needed

* Please wait, I will do for you, but was just heading out now so it will have to wait, sorry

* Edit >> @Kaile73 - Flash via Qflash, reboot, load optimized defaults, save/apply, reboot back to BIOS to make any changes you need.…365825399776652

If you’ve messed with BCDEdit in windows, please see my comments and testing notes here about HPET under the “Change Log” area of this thread in middle of post #1
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Thank you! Really thanks!

@Kaile73 - You;'re welcome!!

link is down, could you please reupload?

Lost_N_BIOS is been away since the beginning of the year, do the mod yourself, address it to a specific user still active that can share it or post a request.