Gigabyte Z390 Designare HPET / Performance

Hey Buddies,

im really new to this BIOS modding on Mobos, i did it a few times for GPUs, but not at any Mainboards.
Is there a way to get back the decision to disable HPET ? It does a really bad Job in Games like CSGO, Siege and Warzone :(.
And is it possible to open up again the meltdown and spectre security breaches, when im not caring about losing data and want to get back all performance i paid for ?
Im on the latest F9i BIOS.

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@LEXiHARTMANN3000 - I can disable HPET for you, but to make it visible to you would take several hours and really not worth that for a single setting which I can easily just disable for you in few minutes.
About spectre/meltdown, what is your CPU model? If it’s too new, you can’t remove spectre/meltdown fixes, they are baked into the CPU.

Thanks a lot for the quick response! :slight_smile:
I’d be lucky if you do this for me ONCE, but for the future it would be nice if i could modify it by myself.
If there are many other poeple like me who wants to learn about, you maybe can do a live how-to on twitch ?
The CPU is a 9700k, from the 1st badges (if this info is needed).

You can do the mod yourself, but I can’t teach you how to do it, due to the multiple NVRAM edits involved (I need to make big guide about how to do that properly, no time)
Sorry, no, I can’t do anything live or recorded, I am on limited internet But, anyone that wants to use the BIOS I make for you can, it will be stock modified BIOS that anyone can flash via Qflash.

About the CPU, do you have P0 (SRELT) or R0 (SRG15)?
Never mind, see spoiler #3 at post #2, for either of those (906EC/906ED), there is no pre-spectre/meltdown microcodes
[OFFER] Intel CPU Microcode Archives

Okay, than i do my own research later and would love to get the bios edited by you.
What i have to prepare for you ? =)

Hey, im not a well english speaking guy, so i wanted to ask you, if i missunderstood something here.
Whats the plan now ?

@LEXiHARTMANN3000 - Sorry, no misunderstanding, I’m just very busy and can’t keep up with all new posts here each day, so stuff always buried and lost.
You just need HPET disabled BIOS (F9i), correct?

No need to hurry, i was in christmas trouble too.
Yup, F9i is my favorite. :slight_smile:

Hello. I need it aswell, damn HPET and VT-x. Virtualization in task manager shows as Enabled and no option in BIOS to change that.