GIGABYTE Z590 VISION D Bad performance BIOS Stuck on UEFI

GIGABYTE Z590 VISION D and would like someone to verify its BIOS.

My PC project is to have 3 system on one PC, but this BIOS is a bit awkward, so first things first!
So far got Win 10 22H1 & NTFS 21H1 all doing well but a bit not full speed (subjectively).

This was requested from Gigabyte, but I doubt they will respond promptly:
“1/.: After installing VIA vl805-q6 system froze, it could not be restarted but on constant loop with CC bios code, after removing 2 RAM from A1_B1 and USB Via, finally restarted, but can not do anything about CSM… Reassuming:can not switch bios to CSM mode, it switches in BIOS setup but resets to UEFI during post save restart.
2/.: Why this BIOS is booting so long, about 1 min? I have Z97 gaming7 board with I7 4790k CPU, in excellent state, booting in 25 seconds, it made me buy Gigabyte Motherboard for my newer platform PC, but started to regret my decision!!! Firstly only the most expensive RAM is compatible, secondly BIOS issues, Bios restart time, Strange behaviour about second M.2 slot PCIe 3.0x3 accounted to SATA in BIOS… preventing to test and monitor it by systems properly. Terrible start. As this system is set up recently on all new parts.”

Is there any other modified bios in any recent project for this Mother Board?

Anyone who may check the problems in this BIOS?

The time of display BIOS for F12, Del or End is horribly long!
Can this be modified to make the PC start quicker??

Is there anyone who can get into it and check it?
If success, there will be plenty of grateful users of GA Z590 Vision D Board.
The BIOS which is the focus of interest is
F6 or F7/8 but with F7/8 Gigabyte says there is no return… maybe it is not really truth as it was many times before.

What times are you talking here…?
Old hw devices, quantity of hw devices, access disk times (rotational), number of disks, ram etc etc etc… you name it…
There’s plenty of things related to.

EDIT: Alright, if its ok now ignore my questions, all the best.

More or less there was the same hardware on previous PC with Z97X gaming 7 the difference is CPU MOBO and memory RAM… all was working fine on all 3 systems. I will reinsert BIOS to the board, maybe something got fucked.

Sorry but, what you mean by this expression? Are you asking about my activity or… IDK… sorry I am confused.

So far, I managed to get back to normal operation of the motherboard. It was done itself, the changes to BIOS setup, without my interference.

All Gigabytes Boards are very rebellious.

The previous board we were busy with here was Z96X gaming 7, which after fully remodelled BIOS here was, so far, the best PC for its technical level I had.

BIOS Update: Check if a BIOS update is available for your motherboard. Sometimes a BIOS update can improve performance and shorten boot times.
Check your BIOS settings: Check your BIOS settings for possible delays or suboptimal settings that can affect boot times. Check your user manual or GIGABYTE support for further details on BIOS settings.
Disabling unused devices: If you have a lot of devices connected, try temporarily disabling unused devices to see if they affect boot times.
Hardware Configuration Check: Make sure your hardware configuration follows GIGABYTE recommendations for optimal performance.

Thank you, did not notice your edit straight.
No it is still so slow n CSM and the same on UEFI (UEFI is a bit quicker).
Is there any chance that someone who understands modules in BIOS can check what makes it so slow?
I will give a link to film from booting when come back to this subject.
Now a bit busy in RL, so have to put less stress on PC improvements.
It is a working Pony, but does not give me full pleasure to operate it.

Significant is Latency on Sound in the system, sometimes it takes more than second to play system sound in certain situations, reactions in browser for mouse click and so on… All really significant lagging in these moments.
The PC behaves like it is overheated already. But its not.

Thank you for reply.

Thank you, nice try, but we are here for not conventional solutions, and Gigabyte is one of the last giving proper solution to their problems they created in real life. I know that z97x with 4790k was about 30 sec boot with the same additional devices except second NVMe and new RAM and CPU…

And I have asked for solution directly to their support and there is no answer for 10 days already.

Just curious what BIOS settings (except choice between CSM and UEFI) have impact on boot time?