GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD4 UEFI BIOS modding question

Hello Fernando,

I’ve a question regarding mod my Z68XP-UD4 M/B UEFI BIOS U1L, I found that both “CSMCORE” & “SataDriver” module are exists.

However, the GUID for “SataDriver” module is starting with “91B4D9C1” but not “90C8D394”.

I was able to replace RAID ROM module from the following link…v12.6.0.1867.7z

So should I suppose to replace RAID ROM module?

Or regardless the difference of GUID of “SataDriver” and replace Intel EFI RAID “SataDriver” module?

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The answer to your question depends on your system, because the Intel SATA Controller is not able to use both BIOS modules, the LEGACY RAID ROM and the EFI SataDriver. Which BIOS settings are you going to use?
By the way: According to my knowledge Intel provides exactly the same "SataDriver" file to all mainboard manufacturers. If I am right, the module will work regardless the GUID shown by the Aptio MMTool.


Hello Fernando,

Thanks for your prompt reply. As a matter of fact, I’d like to use both of them by changing BIOS setting accordingly. There’re both Legacy and UEFI OROM setting in the BIOS.

In another word, I can either select Legacy RAID or UEFI RAID to install OS. But I was originally assume that the BIOS can only either contain “CSMCORE” or “SataDriver” module in BIOS.

I also noticed that other M/B like ASRock Z77 Extreme3 also has both “CSMCORE” & “SataDriver” module too.

I extracted the modules and they are the same RAID version. (

So can I replace both modules with Does ASRock actually using corresponding module for both “CSMCORE” & “SataDriver”?

As to GUID in “SataDriver” issue, I found that once I replace it, the GUID will change to “90C8D394”?

I was wondering if it is save way to do it? In case the BIOS could not found the original GUID for OROM, could it brick the BIOS? E.g. falls into endless loop?

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No, both modules are totally different and cannot be replaced by each other.

The mainboard manufacturers do it the same way. Until now obviously no user of my guides bricked his BIOS by just updating the Intel RAID ROM and/or the SataDriver module.

Good luck!