Gigabyte Z97 and NVME

Would a Gigabyte Z97 motherboard detect and allow booting from an NVME SSD in the M.2 slot? Or does its BIOS need to be modified for this?

When asking such questions in this kind of forum, we cant only provide “…a Gigabyte Z97” dont you think? Here or on any other place… but for a 2017 forum user i shouldn’t be pointing this to you…have you checked how many models they have of the Z97???

4 7 models…

Usually most of the Z97 motherboards has NVMe support by default when launched or later with updates from the vendor.
Some models were not implemented due to the lack of M.2 slot in the design or just support for M.2 SATA disks by default.

I thought that new features were supported with updates on a series of motherboards and not specific models, but I understand that not all Z97 motherboards have an M.2 slot. In any case, I am asking about gaming (3, 5, 7) models with an M.2 slot. Do these support booting from NVME? And do these support booting from PCIE when using an adapter?

According to my knowledge the latest BIOS for all mainboards with an Intel Z97 chipset natively do support booting of an NVMe SSD, no matter whether an M.2 slot is present or not.

All those 3 models support it and have present the AMI NVMe module on it.

Earlier specs didnt used the word NVMe, was PCIe SSD, as you see here on their specification:

1 x M.2 PCIe connector
(Socket 3, M key, type 2242/2260/2280 SATA & PCIe SSD support)

All support booting from M.2 slot or PCIe adapter, no mods required.