Going from AHCI to RAID without Reinstall

Ok, so I have a Z68 board currently running AHCI with the v12.9xxx driver (cant remember exact version). I want to create an image of the OS and then create a RAID 0 array to copy it too. Now I think I understand how to perform that step (in Win 8 enable Safe Boot, Shut Down create and copy image to new array, boot and let it discover the new RAID controller, supply RAID driver, reboot and voila.

I know how to do this when creating a Legacy oROM RAID 0, but can I create an EFI RAID 0 array within the UEFI BIOS and copy the image to that? I would prefer the faster booting of the EFI RAID driver but am not sure if it will work since the original Windows 8.1 install was using legacy AHCi.

Does this all make sense?

Are you saying that is possible migrate from AHCI to RAID without reinstall?

Do you mind to share how to do it?

I’ve tried everything but sysprep with no avail.

Even using backup software capable to restore to dissimilar hardware using sysprep I have no success.

UEFI install use a different partition schema, you have no other option than do a fresh install.

Basically I was pointed to this MS article and saw success stories of people who had used it.


@ D2theZ:

Although it may be possible to clone a Windows OS, which had been installed in AHCI mode, onto a RAID array, I do not recommend to do it.
The result will never be as good as a fresh OS installation.

I do not recommend to use sysprep on RAID systems, because it has big chance to fail. actually there are many third party software that is able to restore to dissimilar hardware. such as AOMEI Backupper. it has released a new version and it has a feature called Universal Restore which can restore to dissimilar hardware.

Thank’s for the link, but this is for change from ATA to AHCI.
Change to RAID is a bit different.

Thank’s for the tip, never used Aomei before, but Symantec Backupexec, Paragon, Acronis. Easeus, and a few others that I don’t remember at the top of my head.
All have a option to restore to dissimilar hardware, and all fail to restore from AHCI to RAID.
I don’t believe Aomei will be different, but will give it a try.
Found it in another forum, but didn’t have chance to test.

I agree with Fernando, therefore it should be possible, you should expect for unexpected results.
Reinstall is the best if no only way to migrate to RAID.

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