Hello, I’m sorry for my English first. I changed my processor and motherboard today bought b550 motherboard and ryzen 3600 When I turn on the computer it gives gop error I bought this video card as second hand Can you help me over team wiever please? I’ve been dealing for hours
this is the card I bought…rev-10-11-12#kf
these are the information

@cmlndz - Show me image of the GOP error you see. Are you using latest motherboard BIOS? If not, update to that first, then load optimal defaults, then try again.
Are you booting "Secure Boot" Enabled, or Win10 OS Type set at BIOS setting etc, or Secure boot disabled and CSM enabled?

Dump vBIOS with GPU-z and send to me, use the little arrow under AMD Logo, to the left of UEFI box to dump vBIOS. I can update GOP for you and then you reflash it, but this may not be the issue, you may need to adjust some BIOS settings, I need to see the GOP error first before I can be sure